The Kneeling Art Photography is a community social justice art project that explores the meaning and evolution of the Take-A-Knee gesture as Maine photographers record the images of people from diverse communities across Maine. 


We have all seen the protests that followed the brutal murder of George Floyd. Untold thousands of people of all races, ages and genders as well as many cultural backgrounds and social classes in numerous cities across America and the world adopted the gesture of getting on one knee.


In this project eleven Maine photographers capture images of Maine people who work to end racism and secure social justice at local, national and international levels. Whites, blacks and other people of color, students, business owners, workers, artists, retired persons, physicians, activists, immigrants and LGBTQ people have taken part in the project by taking-a-knee and writing personal statements, these Mainers give voice to communities of Maine people who support this historic struggle. 

The culmination of the project will include:

1) Five photography exhibitions in 2021, titled The Kneeling Art Photo Exhibit

2) A round table on protest art and the artist in conflict resolution  

3) Creation of a photography book titled Taking A Knee For Change in 2022.


We also wish to thank many individuals and groups who have already lent financial, material and spiritual support to this project. Their contributions enable us to bring “The Kneeling Art Photography” to fruition and project its artistic expression of solidarity to the wider public.


At the same time, we continue to seek resources for this project. Your generous support enables us to meet the expenses of photographing and mounting exhibitions as well as publishing the book of photographs/personal statements and videotaping the round table discussion.