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“Support for Taking A Knee For Change is provided by the American Rescue Plan Maine Project Grants, a subgrantingprogram administered by SPACE Gallery for the National Endowment for the Arts.”

In July 2023, we launched our fundraising campaign to enable us to start printing the Taking a Knee for Change book and cover postage. Thanks to the generosity of the communities, we achieved our goal.

The book is out

Dear community, I was right to believe in you. I'm thrilled to announce not only to my friends, but to the entire community that my legacy project, "Taking a Knee for Change" has been funded. My heart is warm with gratitude today. My gratitude goes to all the people who participated in this magnificent campaign by donating, sharing or giving advice.
These are not financial relationships that I have or that I want to have with each of you, but rather relationships of love, trust and shared values. My sincere thanks to: Carter Shappy, William Connelly, Grace Denker, Amy Brown, David Wade, Marni, Norajean Ferris, Joyce E Weinstein, Ann Tracy
Susan deGranpre, Randy Schaeffer, Eric Brown, John Ripton, Mary Allen Lindemann, Monique Lamore, John Coleman, Rabee, David Elikya, Fils, Kiwan, Tom Bloom, James Chute, Jacqui Deveneau, Tom Ryan, David Swardlick , Edward Phillips, Sage, Ian Bannon, Baba Ly, Kate Anker, Jake Fahey, Manjari Sharma,Tony Delois, Jenirose Juxtaposed, Laura Dunn, Meadow Shirley Irving, Nancy M, Jane, Denise Spear, Lisa Cheever, MeaghanBess Welden, Lori, Asherah Cinnamon, Harlan Baker, Daria Cullen, Marita Kennedy-Castro, Kelley, Robert, Jay, Julia McDonald, Hope Rovelto, Maggie AtwoodEileen Conlon, Sandra Katz, Sunshine Jelly, Genius Black, Regine Whittlesey, Rose Foods, Emma, BackerKit, Jacky Blic, Laura deDoes, Lynn, Philip E Mathieu, Shiva Darbandi, Rod Norwood, Adriane Herman, Anne Gresinger, Brian Price, Brian Adler, Nicole Holmes, Ian Trask, Heather Anne Wright, Katherine Ferrier, Cayden Larrosa, Joanne Abrams, Cynthia, Howard, Jeff Griecci, Mike Perreault, Aimee, Athena Lynch, Tim Greenway, Yoon Byun, Anne Cranshaw, Dwight Sheppard, Chris Reed, Brian Cartier.

Taking a Knee for Change is a book featuring photographs (taken months after the murder of George Floyd by 10 Maine photographers) of people who live in Maine and work to end racism and achieve social justice in Maine today. The book combines both photographs of the Mainers taking a knee and stories about their personal experience with social justice. 
Book Cover (2).jpg
Video credit: Allen Baldwin

Book Details

Publish Date: July, 2023

Dimensions: 10x10 inches 

Language: English

Type: Hardcover

They Said

As an artist, and a New Mainer, Titi de Baccarat turns fresh eyes toward our own times of turmoil as Mainers of all kinds try to square the American promise that "All men are created equal " to the paradox of modern clashes that seem to shout the opposite.

Does Taking a Knee mean defiance and protest, or deference and defense, of something deeper? In our new century, Mainers new and old still seek the answer -- in a gesture of solidarity and humanity that may seem still, but is never silent.

Artist Titi de Baccarat's book makes it clear -- for Mainers, to Take A Knee is to Take A Stand". 


                                                                                                        Herb Adams

                                              Former State Legislator, Professor History and Social Science SMCC




Titi de Baccarat brings together a diverse group of Mainers to express what it’s like to suffer racism and hate in our society and what it means for all of us — white, Black and brown — to come together in the spirit of solidarity to fight against these injustices.  de Baccarat’s work shows us what it means to be in a true community where we support each other in our struggles and stand together as one people. 


                                                                                        Andy O’Brien

                                                               Communications Director Maine AFL-CIO





To bow on bended knee provides a powerful gesture and symbol needed in today’s chaotic times as we struggle to create a society in which acceptance is shared equally among ALL citizens of widely diverse social, economic, racial, educational, religious and sexual backgrounds throughout history.  To bow down offers moments of peace, reverence and time to reflect upon our past experiences, both positive and negative, and how best to create a more just and welcoming community for one and all in the immediate years ahead.


                                                                                             Bruce Brown 

                                                    Art Collector and Curator of Photography at Cove Street Arts






"The struggle against injustice is a struggle that should resonate and engage with every member of our community. Taking a Knee for Change is an endeavor motivated by love of community. Its mission is a noble one, brought about by the concern that life, liberty, and safety of our neighbors are threatened by social systems."

                                                                                      Joseph N. Jackson

                                                   Executive Director Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition

                                                   Maine Inside Out: Director of Community Programs




I love seeing how your project has grown and spread its wisdom to so many people! Your insights about how racism keeps us down as a culture have been eloquently expressed in artifacts and installations, and now a book. I'm excited for "Taking a Knee for Change" to reach even more hearts and minds to move our society toward true equity for all.


                                                                                         Lisa Savage




Thank you, Titi de Baccarat, for this inspiring project, for gathering this diverse group of Mainers to talk about the many reasons they take a knee. It is a gift you have given us to activate, ponder, repeat, celebrate, and carry on in the face of injustice and inequality.


                                                                                   Natasha Mayers

                                   Founder and Coordinator of ARRT! and Editor of the Maine Arts Journal


Video credit: Titi de Baccarat

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