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Fundraising video

Book Cover by Erin Thomas

Small sample of photos and statements

We kneel for those jailed for seeking a better life.

We kneel for those who are rescuing their children from

violence, poverty and hunger.

We kneel for separated families.

We kneel for all those detained and then deported from sites like this.


To cage people over man made borders is to imprison the earth.

#free the dirt


                                                 Susan and Derek Smith

                                          Photographed by Tim Greenway

“As a Mi’kmaq woman living on unceded Wabanaki Territory, I stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  I condemn white supremacy and the many tools utilized to oppress and kill black people.  We all carry within us the blood memory of our ancestors.  The time has come for the descendants of white settlers to recognize that their birthright has given them an advantage in this society.  Until it is collectively examined and accepted that our society is born from violence, theft, deception, and slavery we will not heal.  When we intentionally deconstruct the institutional and structural power dynamic of white supremacy that thrives on division and inequality, we lay a foundation for our children that is built on truth and understanding. “


                                                                                                Heater Augustine
                                                                                       Photographed by John Ripton

“A statement to those without a voice, we are here for the duration!”


                                                              Kingston Omar

                                              Photographed by RoseBarboza

“George Floyd.”


Photographed by Titi de Baccarat

“I got down on my knee and posed for this project because I feel you, I see you, and I want to help protect you. I beg forgiveness for not fighting for justice every breathing moment.


As Executive Director at Creative Portland and on behalf of our board of directors, we feel blessed by our city's diversity and the abundance of local talent. We are the fiscal sponsor for the Kneeling Art Photography Project because we are committed to promoting justice and equality in all our endeavors. We admire Titi's efforts to create an impactful exhibition to generate dialogue and to spread awareness by taking a knee. We have no tolerance for hate, violence and bullying, and we will work hard to adapt and promote anti-racist initiatives.”


                                                                             Dinah Minot

                                                          Photographed by Tim Greenway

“Empathy among our citizens would erase any issue of inequality in our country. As members of a privileged race, we are still learning the struggles that people of other races have dealt with for generations as a normal part of life. We kneel in solidarity to raise awareness of the positive, peaceful message behind the demonstration of noncompliance. To quote Colin Kaepernick ‘To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way”’.


                                Ruckman-Denslow, Starlette, Caden and Kent

                                           Photographed by Kelli LK Haines

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