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The people and organizations listed below contributed to this project. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each of you for your precious time and your remarkable contribution throughout this project. Know that without your commitment, this project can neither see the light of day nor have the success and impact it deserves in the communities of Maine. The entire team of The Kneeling Art Photography Project is extremely grateful.



 Titi de Baccarat 

Karine Odlin 
Bess Welden 
Tracy Clark 

Jean Toppi
Debra Ayers
Hope Revolto
Desi Van Til 
Robert Hammer
Jorge Arango
Cory Templeton
Elena M. Schmidt
Ann Tracy
Sara Struever

Tom Ryan 
Shiva Darbandi 
Pamela Moulton

John Coleman

Linda Coleman
Kymberly Dakin 
Sarah Baldwin 
Cathy Brigham
Aimee Batata
Kelley Erickson 
Claudette Ndayininahaze 
Chris Reed  

Indigo Arts Alliance

Space gallery

Susan De Grandpre 
Julia McDonald 
Claire Holman
Chena Immel  

Daria Cullen
Jean Arcangeli 
Rabee Kiwan 
Kencita Kohl 
Cindy Dykes 

mosart Nunez

David Elikya

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