About the book we are working on

A book of photography and personal testimonies of the Mainers on their relationship to social justice, isn't it a nice idea? We are very happy to see beautiful energies following one another and mobilizing around this work of conception and publication of the book. This enthusiasm and the support of the community is a powerful leitmotif that pushes us so far to overcome the many challenges we encounter along the way.
We have successfully completed the first step, which consists of having the photos that will be part of the book selected by a rigorous and professional team to whom we express our gratitude.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the new team that is working hard to bring Maine communities a high quality book that will inspire them. Our beautiful team is composed of Mark Evan Chimsky, Christine Sullivan and Titi de Baccarat.

We'll let you know where we are with the publishing process as this exciting adventure unfolds and how you can get involved.

                                                                                                                               Thank you all

Open Call

Dear Community, we are looking for 10 volunteers to interview by Zoom or by phone 40 people we selected. Each volunteer will have to interview 4 people with 4 standard questions that we will provide and each interview should not exceed 15 minutes.

We are also looking for 10 volunteers to help us with the transcription of the audio interviews. Each volunteer will have to transcribe 4 audio interviews of 12 minutes each.